Cosplay Spotlight with Carlos Danny Castellanos

Cosplay Spotlight with

Carlos Danny Castellanos

Carlos is a cosplayer and YouTuber with over 100k followers! I chatted with him about how he got started and what projects he’s working on.

Ryan: What was your first cosplay? Did you make it or buy it, and if you bought it, from where?

Carlos: Well my first cosplay was back in 2008. I believe the TV show Teen Titans was pretty big, and I loved Robin the Boy Wonder ever since I was a kid. So, I remember asking my aunt if she could make me the cosplay. And she did. I loved it. She made me a cool cape and a pleather chest piece with the yellow buttons. I then added the R patch to it. I spray painted my jeans green and took my cousin’s black boots. Finally, I bought the animated series utility belt and a black mask.

Ryan: That’s awesome! How long after that until your next cosplay?

Carlos: My next cosplay…. wow I believe it was 3 years later, 2011. Marisol and I went to Comikazi but I told her we should dress up. But we weren’t cosplayers, so we made casual cosplays. I was wearing red sunglasses, a green shirt with an X-Men patch on my right arm, and a blue undershirt. with some black jeans. I was cyclops.

Ryan: I don’t see enough Cyclops cosplay, that’s too cool. So, we have Robin and a thrown together Cyclops. When did you wake up and say, I’m going be a cosplayer?

Carlos: You know it never really hit me to say, hey I’m a cosplayer now! When I bought my Halloween Green Ranger costume I told Marisol I want to visit hospitals in it. I felt very cool in it. Then we made fan videos and got super exposed thanks to JDF (Jason David Frank – The original Green Ranger). Then, a good friend of ours actually reached to me and said, hey I want to donate a Ranger suit of mine to you guys so you can continue to make cool Power Ranger videos, and that’s how I got my 2nd power Ranger suit. And super legit too! And with the success of my YouTube I began to invest in more cool suits to make more videos, but not just videos, but for charity events. I got.more involved with a charity group named Kids Can Cosplay and I also still do my own hospital visits. But people named me a cosplayer, so then that’s when I started saying oh yeah I’m a cosplayer.

Ryan: I’ve only seen you do Ranger cosplay. Have you had other cosplays that I missed?

Carlos: Oh yeah! I have a Nightwing cosplay, Captain America cosplay, and Amazing Spider-Man 2 cosplay.

Ryan: You include your siblings in your videos too; was that your idea or did they ask?

Carlos: Well, we first started with a SpongeBob contest from TV. We all worked together on that. We didn’t win but after seeing what we accomplished I figured we can do more. That’s when JDF posted his own contest. Recreating a favorite Tommy episode. I gathered everyone I could and we did a video. Then my lil sister wanted to do her own video. And that’s when we came up with Pink Ranger vs Green Ranger. From there everyone pitched in their ideas and we made things possible.

Ryan: What is We The Geeks Of East LA?

Carlos: We The Geeks Of East LA started when we started to attend conventions. We would post our pictures and people who hadn’t talked to us in a while would contact us saying, hey where was this, when is the next one? So, I told Marisol we should make a page where we can post upcoming events and what not. So we came up with We The Geeks of East LA. We meaning all of us geeks from East L.A. Representing where we are from.

Ryan: Have you learned anything about yourself since you started cosplaying and attending conventions? Has cosplaying made you grow as a person?

Carlos: I have definitely learned how to come out of my shell and definitely be more social. I have learned I could inspire kids to make the right choices and inspired them to make videos or pursuing a career in acting and FVX. I have learned that if I can set my mind to something I can accomplish it. I have learned to chase after my dreams because hard work pays off, and I’m still trying to achieve my dreams.

Ryan: What are your dreams?

Carlos: I have many dreams, but the one I can say is close to my hands is being cast to play a Power Ranger. That would be amazing.

Ryan: I know you have a large fan base that already wants you as a Ranger, and you’ve worked with Rangers before. How many and which ones?

Carlos: I do have a lot of people that believe in me. So, I just gotta do it! Not just for them. But for me! I have worked with Super Mega Force Yellow, Blue and Silver to announce Power Morphicon. To officially be on my channel was Brennan Mejia and Davi Santos. Power Rangers Dinocharge and Super Dinocharge.

Ryan: And Red In Space too, didn’t you?

Carlos: Yes, I’ve been a part of his channel! But he might guest star on mine soon.

Ryan: What other cosplays and projects do you have planned?

Carlos: A lot of our viewers have asked me to do more morph videos. So, that’s a must! And we worked with one of our biggest fans! That video will be up soon! Also, a Ninja Turtles crossover.

Ryan: I want a Ninja Turtles crossover sooooo bad! I think that’s all the questions I have. Anything else you want to add?

Carlos: If you know anyone involved with Saban, or casting for Power Rangers! Definitely put in a good word for me haha!

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