5 Female Comic Characters Who Deserve Their Own Solo Film


Marvel Studios

Come on. You know you can’t do a list like this without including Black Widow. Although more muted as of late, there has been a large outcry as to why the immensely popular Black Widow hasn’t received her own solo film. We are now at Phase 4 of the MCU, and 7 years from her character’s big screen debut. What’s the deal Kevin Feige? I’m sad to say that it may be too little too late for Black Widow to receive her own solo film. Her character is now rooted in being the heart, muscle, and logic of the Avengers. At this point I can only see her character doing team ups ala 2014’s ‘Captain America: The Winter Soldier’, because we are way past doing origin stories for anyone who was introduced during Phase 1 of the MCU. Ugh, but we need that Black Widow espionage film, right? All of David Leitch’s ‘Atomic Blonde’ looks like it could BE a Black Widow movie. *facepalm* Casting wishlist? Psh, Scarlett all the way.

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