5 Female Comic Characters Who Deserve Their Own Solo Film


Marvel Comics

With the rumors that persist ever so often that Robert Downey Jr. will hang up his helmet for good I believe it’s time to start planting the seeds of his successor. It appears that Tom Holland’s Spiderman is being placed in the slot that Riri occupies in the comics. They are both about the same age, share a genius level capacity,  build their own beta suits and become vigilantes, and both are mentored by Tony Stark. Regardless of the similarities, I say that there is room for them both. Ooo! Fun theory. What if Zandaya is secretly Riri? *wink wink* It would be interesting to have Riri come into the fold and see her interact with Peter. Also, while ‘Luke Cage’, and the upcoming ‘Black Panther’ film is a step in the right direction we need more POC led Marvel and DC films. An ‘Ironheart’ film would kill two birds with one stone. Casting wishlist; Keke Palmer, Amandla Stenberg, Alexandra Shipp.

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