Sega announced that they will be putting their entire catalog of games on mobile F2P.  Again…All. Sega. games. free. to. play.  This includes all Genesis, Dream-cast, and Sega Saturn consoles.  This is not a drill.  The App is named SEGA Forever.  Aptly named as I will never stop playing them once it comes out.

Games included are Kid Chameleon, Phantasy Star II, and of course sonic at start.

Sega has a huge catalog so not everything is going to come out right away.  Sega will be releasing 2 games every will until the whole catalog is put out.  They are also porting games that weren’t released to the US.

BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE!!  On and offline support, with leader boards and possible achievements.

the only draw back that can be seen is the UI.  People who have used the app find it difficult to use touchscreen controls, but it is controller bluetooth friendly,  so there’s that.  Games will come with ads at the start of the game, but that’s not too bad compared to other adverts because Sega needs it’s monies too.

This is a huge step for Sega, who has been lackluster in recent years.  At E3, Sega featured two sonic games that look promising.  If E3 is any indication, we are finally seeing Sega come back to relevance in the gamer community.  The grateful gaming dead are coming back to life it seems with Atari coming out with its first console since the failed Jaguar in 1993.

Nostalgia is a big market

As a gamer who got his start on the Nintendo, raised on the Genesis, and fell in love with the Jaguar (don’t judge me)  I can’t keep my excitement in over this.  Sega for me was playstation before playstation.  There was always an awesome game to play from sports(robot baseball) to RPG’s (Earthbound) to platformers (megaman).

Ive been stuck in ROM hell like many of you for years, waiting for Sega to do something about its waning relevance.  If they can fix the UI and make it mobile friendly, they can dominate the mobile game industry for years ahead.

Or better yet, create a gamer community to create games on the old platform?  Ok pipe dream, I know.  If you need a reminder why Sega is worth it, here’s are handy guides/lists to what is in store in the coming months

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