After 10,000 Years Rita Repulsa is Free and Ready to Conquer the Rangers in Power Ranger: Legacy Wars

Power Rangers: Legacy Wars Releases Classic Rita as a Playable Character

Power Rangers: Legacy Wars made its debut as a tie-in to Saban’s Power Rangers 2017 action-packed feature film. Since then, the game has released numerous playable characters ranging from the original series to Power Rangers Dino Charge.

The 2017 film version of Rita has been a playable character for a long time, leaving fans wondering when we would see the classic space witch.

The wait is over! The original Empress of Evil has made her debut and is ready to give the Rangers a headache. Like other new characters, the player must buy a Morph Box using Power Crystals for a chance to receive the Zeo Shards that will unlock Rita from her space dumpster early. When time runs out, the player will have to wait for Rita’s official release.

Rita Repulsa will be available as both a playable character and an assist character.









Power Rangers: Legacy Wars has released official gameplay for Rita on their Facebook Page.

Some of Rita’s attack appears to be similar attacks to her movie counterpart with a few additional attacks, unique to Classic Rita.

With two Ritas already released, the only question left is, when will we see Green Ranger Rita from the opening sequence of Saban’s Power Rangers? Keep your fingers crossed that it’s soon!

Saban’s Power Rangers is now available on Blu-ray, DVD, and Digital.

Power Rangers: Legacy Wars can be downloaded in the app store on IOS and Android.

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