The Wild Storm #4 More Like A Light Drizzle

Written by:  Warren Ellis

Art by:  Jon Davis-Hunt and Steve Buccellato

Cover by: Jon Davis-Hunt

Release:  5/17/2017

Issue:  4

Publisher: DC Comics

After the battle of issue #3 we see both sides lick their wounds and try to analyze what went wrong.

Angie Spica was able to fly off while both sides were fighting it out and she took with her a lot of the answers to a lot of questions.

I was really hoping this issue would pick up the pace and the story because I was very disappointed with the previous issue. However, to my astonishment this issue was even worse than issue #3.

We were given no action aside from the first page.  The very last sentence in the last panel of issue #3 was talking about Razors 3 and no survivors and demolition.  How could that not mean some cool characters were going to come in and blow stuff up.  

I was excited to see who these Razor 3 people were.  They could be robots, ninjas or maybe even robot ninjas who moonlight as pro-wrestlers.  However, they were just the soldiers who were getting easily killed.

Most of the issue was the characters upset about how Spica got away and what they were going to do now.  It was so boring and uneventful.

However, there was a little glimmer of hope which was peaking through the cracks of the issue.  Two characters were introduced named Mr. Bendix who looks like Prof. X and Ms. Pennington who looks like Jean Grey.

The pair are on a space station of some kind.  They talk like they are better than people on Earth.  It is unclear if it is because they live in space or if it is because they are aliens.  The way they speak about Earth is confusing.  I can see it going in either direction, but I hope it is aliens if only to spice things up.

Bendix is also pretty funny.  He was talking about how Earth smells like farts because everything on Earth is farting.  Bendix is the only good thing about this comic so far.  I hope the rest of the series is just him being cranky and yelling at kids to pull up their pants and stay off his lawn.  If they did that it would be a five star comic for sure.

So far in this series we have this super cool mech suit that doesn’t fight.  A big battle was happening in the beginning of this issue and Spica and her cool mech suit just flies away from the battle.

This comic is just awful and in the worst kind of way.  It isn’t even bad in the fun “you gotta read this crappy comic” kind of way.  The issue and to be frank the series on the whole is a complete waste of time.  However, the art is good.  I can’t say it is amazing or even pretty good, no it is just good.

I’m giving this a 1.5 and that is only because I love Bendix so much otherwise I would give it the lowest score for a comic without gross errors which is a 1.


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