Watch Luke Skywalker Prank Some Very Excited STAR WARS Fans

We love Mark Hamill! The actor that portrayed Luke Skywalker surprised some lucky fans that thought they were just shooting a Star Wars 40th anniversary promo video. Hamill sneaked up behind fans while they were filming and would scream, “Nooooooo! That’s impossible!” Another included Hamill in a Darth Vader mask playing reenacting the I am your father scene. Ironically the fan was playing Luke.

This was all for a good cause. This was all to spread the word for The Force For Change contest. There are three Star Wars dream packages to win including a chance to screen the original Star Wars at Lucasfilm ranch, tickets to attend the premiere to The Last Jedi, and upcoming set visit to the untitled young Han Solo Movie with the chance to appear in the film. Also, Hamill himself says that he’ll have lunch with all of the winners. The grand prize winner will win all three experiences. Check out Omaze to enter the contest and donate to a great cause. Hamill is clearly having fun creating memories that are going to last fans a lifetime, so the next time you’re at a convention, Mark Hamill could be that guy pranking people in a Stormtrooper mask.


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