Rosario Dawson’s NEW MUTANTS Role Revealed; Storm Confirmed Not To Appear

Making the news rounds this morning was the rumbling that Rosario Dawson is pulling double duty in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the X-Men Universe for New Mutants and now The Hollywood Reporter has shed some light on who the Marvel/ Netflix star will be playing in the Josh Boone helmed release.

None other than Dr. Cecilia Reyes, a doctor and former member of the X-Men. She can generate a force field that is tied to her life force. The trade also revealed that she will serve as a mentor to the young group of mutants. It’s also confirmed that James McAvoy’s Professor Charles Xavier and Alexandra Shipp’s Storm would not be appearing in them film and are currently not in the script, which is why Storm will not be taking on the leadership role here.

Dawson is obviously no stranger to the comic book world has appeared in every single Marvel Netflix series, the Lego Batman Movie and Frank Miller’s Sin City. New Mutants is a highly anticipated release so this should be a pretty awesome role for her. New Mutants will be released next year.



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