Overwatch’s Uprising Mode Was Too Hard, Impossible To Beat

Blizzard’s Overwatch is an insanely popular hit. Officially out for a year on the 24th this month, the game is still going strong, by constantly changing up the game by introducing several mini-games and modes.

The last seasonal event, Uprising, just finished last week. It was met with mixed reviews.

The event had two modes, following the comic introducing Tracer into Overwatch. The Uprising event followed the lore of the Omnic crisis hitting London and the stake Overwatch had in the war.

The two modes were either four pre-chosen characters or free choice of four characters. Players had to defeat omnics and enemy Bastions and Orisas throughout the game to complete and win.

In the pre-chosen characters, players could choose either Reinhardt, Tjorborn, Mercy, or Tracer. In the free choice, like stated, players could choose any hero. Although in my personal experience the best set of heroes were: Zenyatta, Orisa, Reinhardt, and Bastion.

Uprising was incredibly popular, registering over 30 million people playing it. But over 145 million Brawl matches, the players won about 67 millions times, versus the Null sector, beating them out with about 78 million wins. On the easiest mode, there was about 75% wins. On the hardest mode, only 0.6%.

Over 815 million loot boxes were earned during the Uprising event, although the skins released for the players weren’t incredibly special. Except for D.Va’s highlight. That was beyond legendary.

The full infographic is here.

Congratulations to Blizzard and Overwatch for a highly successful game, and happy one year anniversary heroes!



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