Nightwing Must Die Finale! Will he survive… Yes, yes he will

When I was presented with the task of reading this Nightwing issue. I was intrigued. I haven’t read Nightwing since Kyle Higgins (writer of Boom Studio’s Mighty Morhpin’ Power Rangers ongoing) and never bothered to go into Grayson. Nor, have I ever cared or thought highly of Tim Seeley’s writing. I figured with Javier Fernandez’s art (Artist for Marvel Comics’ Magento) backing this ongoing, I just might enjoy NIGHTWING MUST DIE! Let’s start off, as usual, with a brief synopsis:

“NIGHTWING MUST DIE” finale! Very few villains have ever broken Batman—but the man who’s been tormenting Nightwing is one of them! Why has he chosen Nightwing, and not Batman, to serve him in the dark new world he sees coming? –

This is a hard thing to say… Fernandez does not feel right for Nightwing, in my opinion. Javier has a style that is driven to be colored. Bright and stunning. When working on Nightwing, or any other dark comic, the art feels lackluster to my eyes. I can see the potential of what Javier Ferenadez has. Putting him on something like The Atom, Vibe, or Wonder Woman would allow him to shine. On a positive note, the art was consistent and well keeped.

Story, on the other hand, was far from what I expected. Starting this comic, and finishing for that matter, made me confused. Jumping from timeline to timeline, I’m assuming, made the comic a terrible read for anyone new to Nightwing. Yes, I know that this was a finale to a story arc but I didn’t even feel informed on what happen prior to this! Was Professor Pyg making clones? Why should I be scared of Deathwing? When does this take place if Damian Wayne isn’t ok? Maybe this had nothing to do with Tim Seeley but if I can’t figure out what I’m READING then the blame is on the writer.

Overall, this is not a first issue friendly comics. Even though it’s something you may not understand, that just means next issue is the perfect jumping on point. Should you pick this up? No, plan and simple. If you want Nightwing, wait til June. Was this the best issue so far. God, I hope not.

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