New Legendary Okami Figure

Okami, the retro game published by Capcom in 2006, is still a gaming icon today. The game features beautiful Japanese aesthetics, including folklore and magic. It follows the Shinto sun goddess, Amaterasu, that transforms into a beautiful white wolf.

Those that grew up with the game, well, now they’re grown up. The fandom for Okami is a bit more rare, but very strong. First 4 Figures has released now their second Okami figure, this one, well I wish I was rich and I had a spot for it in my house.

The Okami Amaterasu life size bust stands at a whopping 26.5 inches tall from the top of Issun’s glowing orb to the base which is 16 inches wide. The figure will come in full color packaging with a hand numbered base and authenticity card.

Two editions of this figure is available. The regular edition is $674.99, while the exclusive edition is $724.99. The difference is the exclusive lights up throughout the figure, featuring LEDs throughout the flame surround the Solar Reflector, that gives the appearance of fire. So pretty much, only the exclusives will sell because who wouldn’t buy that.

The video below shows the work behind this gorgeous goddess figure:

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