Before I start this review, just a caveat, I have not played King of the Kill.  I come into this as a new player to the battle royale genre.

Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve been hearing about this game that literally “some guy” made. “some guy” being Brenden Greene, who made the game in his spare time.  PUBG is making it’s way around the gaming community like it’s some kind of meme.  In the last month, it has become one of the top watched games on stream.  What peaked my interest is that its not even a fully created game.  It’s an early access game.  An early access game can create some heat, but enough to surpass CS:GO in Twitch viewership?  As of this writing, over two million people are playing or have played the game.  Its impressive.

Ok internet, I’ll play your little game.

After listening to what the game was about, I became really excited to give it a shot.  As a dude who’s been playing FPS games since Wolfie 3D, The game at first glance sounds like everything I want and more.

I was going to play this game a couple of weeks ago, but I had to swallow a $30 dollar price tag.  $30 for an early access game?

Here you go Steam, it’s not like I needed my wallet anyway.  With it getting so many raves, I could live with the price tag.

The beginning UI is easy enough to deal with.  You can choose your server, you dress your character.  You see your rankings with the rest of the world.  One of the cooler aspects is you can play battle royale yourself, as a duo, or a group of four.

I go for a solo round.  You have about a minute to learn how everything works on this island before a plane comes to take you to  the larger island, where you get dropped off via parachute at the location of your choice.

You come to learn early on that location means everything.  Do you want to risk a city?  Go off the edges of the map and stake out there?  Drop with a bunch of people and try to get a few early kills?  Or go isolated and sneak inwards?  There’s a lot more strategy in the beginning that meets the eye.

After you drop in, your first task is to immediately find a weapon.  In my first game, I found a frying pan and a pistol.


I found a shotgun, an m4, ‘nades, and some first aid kits,  which will save your life…a lot.  The game map is freakishly huge; 8km in the game and it takes forever to get anywhere without a car, but when you are fighting around 90-100 ish people, it doesn’t seem too terribly big.  There is a circle that steadily closes in on you, forcing you to fight or hide.  You can fight, you will probably die a lot at first as you learn the games mechanics.  If you hide (specifically in the center of said circle)  you might live to see the top 10.  Top 10 is where you want to be to score major points.

As far as the mechanics go, your character is stiff, and blocky.  Your character can jump (not well), run, crouch, and prone.  It’s really difficult to see people in the prone, it’s for the most part, the only way to get into top 10.

The area and the land itself is well done for early access.  Lots of places of interest.  If I wasn’t getting hunted down by a bunch of people some urban exploring would be an option.  The one thing that bugs me is that all the buildings on the inside are basically the same, and there is currently only a single map to play on.  But with all the attention to detail on the exteriors, its forgivable.

You will need headphones.  Not because It’s loud, but because its quiet.

Too quiet.

One of my favorite aspects of the game is you have to really listen to your surroundings.  footsteps and gunfire are the key to survival.  That and nothing is worse than going in a house and getting the s*it scared out of you/blown away because you forgot to listen for footsteps.

Playing squad is where it’s at though.  Playing with four friends in a team royale beatdown with mic capabilities?  It’s a great feeling when your team makes it out alive, but it’s mostly s*it talking as you are crossing the plains of Getka.

What makes me super happy about this game is that the dev is updating every single week to make it better.  A dev that listens to one of the fastest growing games since Overwatch? AND STILL EARLY ACCESS?!?!  Major companies could learn a thing or two about how this one guy handles the game.

VERDICT:  The game is outstandingly made, even with the tiny flaws that it comes with, and with the dev updating every week, the community will continue to stay vibrant.  perhaps well see an E-sport out of it in the near future?  It would make sense with how popular battle royale is

As is, 7.8/10…for now


I will update when major updates come through





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