DC Rebirth Justice League of America is everything Comics should be!

Stunning and Hilarious, JLA #7 has it all! You’ll get high stakes, action, drama, and suspense within the pages of Justice League of America. Steve Orland0 (DC’s Midnighter and Supergirl) and Jamal Cambell are one hell of a team! It would be nice to see more work from these guys. Not only is the writing on point, but that art is flawless which shows when reading this issue. Let’s get into a brief synopsis:

“TERRORSTRIKE”! Batman and Xenos work on the Secret Sanctuary while the Ray and Vixen perform community outreach. But it’s not all fun and games for DC’s newest superhero team, as the Atom and Killer Frost face off against the Terrorsmith (and their own budding romance) while Lobo and Black Canary come to blows in a casino caper. And it’s all capped off with a moment fans have been waiting for since DC UNIVERSE: REBIRTH! – DCComics.com

You may have found your new favorite artist on the pages of JLA. Jamal Cambell, which has worked on Marvel’s Prowler and Black Panther, knows exactly what he’s doing. If you aren’t impressed with his scene where the Atom shrinks and grows back midway fighting, you are not a real comic fan! Cambell has a way of making digital art pop and stand out to make Justice League of America a comic you’ll look forward to seeing again and again. Kudos to you Jamal Cambell.

Writing nothing less that superb. Steve Orlando has a way of making you care for the characters. Hell,you’ll even scared of Terrorsmith and what he’s capable of. Trust me when I say, you’ll be cheering for the good guys and freaked out by the bad guy. You may even regret not picking up this comic from the beginning of this run once reading this issue. Although this seems like a possible contained story, JLA #7 is EXACTLY what DC Comics needs which is heart.

All in all, DC Rebirth’s Justice League of America #7 is nothing but a damn good time. You should get this comic. Not only is this one of the a fun issue but it’s also a great jumping on point. Is this the greatest issue of the serious? I don’t know but it maybe hard to top how awesome this one is.

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