Who Does D.Va’s Voice Actress Main As?

Blizzard’s Overwatch has been a wildly successful game. There are several reasons for it’s major success. First, it’s a Blizzard game. There’s no wrong Blizzard ever does. Second, it’s a multi-racial, diverse game characters. Third, it has great game play, maps, game modes, and more. Fourth, the lore behind the game, which leads me to my fifth point which is, the voice actors.

The lore behind Overwatch is one of the strongest of it’s kind. The character’s all thrown into this game, with yes, amazing costumes and all sorts of diversity, but it’s like Team Fortress 2 (as it’s so often compared), where it’s just a bunch of characters. Fortunately, because of the wild popularity, and the first one or two comics released online, the lore for the characters increased, rapidly. Ships (relationships) between characters were fantasized, lives of the characters were theorized, and even the relationship of the voice actor to the character was fantasized and even thought to play a role in the future lore of that character.

One of the most popular characters, D.Va, or Hana Song, has a chunk of the lore behind Overwatch. She is 19, a gamer, #1 Starcraft (another Blizzard game) in South Korea which is notorious for their e-sports community and ruling at it. She wears a skin tight spandex suit with her sponsors on her leg, and operates a large mecha. She is sassy, smart, cute, and witty.

D.Va’s voice actress, Charlet Chung, fit’s the bill perfectly as a real life D.Va. She is part Korean herself, and a gamer too. In this interview I was able to have with her this last Blizzcon 2016, I hear a little more about her, her connection to her character, voice lines, and some more interesting facts!


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