Comic Rewind: Outcast Vol. 3

Sidney has shown the Outcast pair no one is safe from him and the possession in Outcast Vol. 3.

The previous volume ended with Kyle Barnes’ sister, Megan, being possessed and her husband and daughter coming to Kyle for help.  In the ensuing struggle a character is injured and may never be the same again.

Sidney is always right in the middle of the action as he is waiting inside Kyle’s house after the incident.  Reverend Anderson has had enough of Sidney and beats the crap out of him in front of some police officers.

The pair continue to look into the mystery of Sidney and these possessions, but they are making little headway.  It seems at every turn there is a new person possessed and a new obstacle placed before them.

Outcast Vol. 3 is written by Robert Kirkman and art is handled by Paul Azaceta and Elizabeth Breitweiser.  Image Comics published the volume in 2016.

I don’t just love this book I think I may be in love with it.  In this volume we get some answers to some major questions.  The first being what happened with Barnes and his wife and daughter.  He was accused of beating his wife and daughter.  There were little hints that there was more to the story and possession was involved.

We still don’t know what an outcast is, but Barnes now knows no one is safe around him after three of his family members have been possessed.  The possessed people need the outcast but hate them.  It does seem to be a symbiotic relationship, but not a mutually beneficial one.

The outcast are needed for something called The Great Merge.  We don’t know what exactly that is or why they need the outcast yet.

I like the depth Kirkman is giving Anderson in this series.  He could have been the boring and morally rigid reverend, but he is not.  Anderson loses his temper and slowly is losing his faith in God.  He thinks God hates him and is pranking him or punishing him.  Barnes is the main protagonist of the series, but Anderson is just as interesting as Barnes.

This volume’s pacing has slowed down a bit from the previous and I don’t love that fact.  I want to see major things happen and major developments be revealed and far less are happening then I would like.  The series so far reads like a TV show and I can see why they made one.  

The story is starting to look like it may become a long one like Kirkman’s other two popular comics, The Walking Dead and Invincible.  I don’t like that because I think this isn’t a story which would benefit from a long drawn out story.  This story should be wrapped up in three or maybe four more volumes.  If it goes more than that it will lose its magic.

Outcast Vol. fantastic with the only problem being a pacing one, but I worry that it could lead to a too drawn out story.  

If you like horror then this series is a must read.  I would still classify it as a mystery horror comic.  It is still slow, but throughout the volume and series I can’t wait to see what happens next.

Also if you like horror comics then I suggest reading Locke & Key.  A family moves into their ancestral mansion with many keys with the ability to open many different things.


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