Comic Rewind: Outcast Vol. 2

Reverend Anderson and Kyle Barnes continue their search for answers to the mystery of the rash of possessions in Outcast Vol. 2.

At the end of the previous volume Reverend Anderson had a pentagram curved into his chest by Sidney.  Sidney told Anderson they were asking too many questions and seeing things they shouldn’t.

This incident scared Anderson, but not enough to make him stop.  The pair continued their mission to visit all the people Anderson had exorcised to see if they still have the demon inside.

Outcast Vol. 2 was written by Robert Kirkman.  Paul Azaceta and Elizabeth Breitweiser provided the art for the volume.  Image Comics published the volume in 2015.

I am so into this comic right now.  I love the mystery of it and how it is slowly unraveling from issue to issue.  The story is still in the mystery horror genre, but it works well for the comic.  This volume is about at the same scariness level as the previous.  Which is not scary but very creepy at parts.

In a way this volume has a similar story arc as a conspiracy story.  These two individuals find something odd and think it is an isolated event.  However, as they continue to pull the thread the little conspiracy begins to become greater than they could have imagined.  

I have become invested in Barnes’ character and want to know what happened with his wife and daughter.  Throughout the story we get hints that he hit or beat his wife and daughter, but it doesn’t seem to be the whole truth.

Reverend Anderson’s character is also done really well.  He is not just the stereotype of an uptight reverend.  Anderson drinks, gambles and smokes cigarettes.  Throughout the series he questions his faith, but he is not a stereotypical broken man who must drink to get through the day.  He just is overwhelmed by the situation around him and fights it the only way he knows how, with his faith.

The volume ended with an empowering cliffhanger.  The pair have decided to really fight this thing full force and they are both pissed.  I love it and I was saying to myself “hell yeah” at the end.

When the volume ended I bought the next volume immediately again.  This is a fantastic comic.  I had heard it was good, but no one had said how good it was.

I had complained about the pacing of the previous volume and this volume’s pacing had sped up just a bit.  However, that is all I wanted and I am very pleased with this volume.  This comic apparently has a TV adaptation which I need to check out right away.


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