The next game in the Assasin’s Creed line, brought to you by Ubisoft, has been leaked accidentally.
The game makers have taken a year off to come back fresh with a new Assasin’s Creed. Today, we got a leak of a screen shot and perhaps a location to the newest one.
Early 2016, we were told the Assassin’s Creed will go in a different direction. Their focus won’t be just in Europe and America anymore, but will take the main character back in history and to another region of the world. The game was dubbed Assassin’s Creed: Origin and was rumored that it would take place in Egypt.

In the image that was leaked (above), we can see a self-steering boat. Which means once again the character will be able to move the boat. In the background, we see sand, beige colored items, and trees. Not too many buildings. So this can be possibly confirmed that is older, which makes sense, because this was said to be a prequel.
But, that’s not all! The text in the top left of the screenshot refers to Khenut, a fifth dynasty Queen in Egypt, the reigned between 2375 and 2345 BC. It also states with a mission “Assassinate the Crocodile.”
Hopefully we will see more at this years E3! Maurice Richard Womens Jersey