The Wild Storm #3 Or The Wild Boredom

Written by: Warren Ellis  

Art by: Jon Davis-Hunt, Steve Buccellato and Ivan Plascencia

Cover by: Jon Davis-Hunt

Release: 4/19/2017

Issue: 3

Publisher: DC Comics

Angelica Spica has her secret location compromised by both sides, but which side will she chose?  Find out in The Wild Storm #3.

Spica’s tech and exactly how she got it has been in question throughout the series so far.  In this issue we see how she had moved her way up the ranks in IO (International Operations).  It was unclear if she infiltrated the company or if she moved up the ranks naturally previously.  In this issue we see she had passed multiple tests and was promoted after each test.  However, it is still unclear if she stole the tech or if not how she acquired it.

This comic is a revamp of an old comic universe called Wild Storm.  Wild Storm was originally an independent publisher.  DC bought Wild Storm in 1999 and inserted some characters from the Wild Storm universe into DC comics in 2011.

I feel many people may not know this and it is important to know where these characters come from.  However, most importantly is why you never saw them on the Justice League cartoon or other DC media growing up.

I was not reading comics when Wild Storm was doing their thing in the ‘90s.  This led me to not know really know who these characters are in this comic.  The only character I recognized was Grifter and that is only because of a short-lived ‘90s cartoon called Wild C.A.T.s in which he appeared on.

There is no reverence for the source material on my end.  I don’t feel like this comic is made for non-fans of the Wild Storm universe.  There is a part in the comic where a character talks about how they always theorized their existence but this proves it.  We are dealing with a wild CAT…don don don and everyone freaks out.  Oh wait no I didn’t and I only knew that was a reference because of the cartoon.

There was a lot of names and lore included in the comic and I took notes on it in issue #1 incase I needed it for this issue.  I didn’t need most of it and I feel like a lot of the stuff I felt was important will never return.

The characters were boring and the story was boring.  We got a little bit of action in this issue, but not nearly enough.  I can handle a comic light on story and heavy on action or the other way around.  This story has neither working for it.  In issue three the story should really be picking up and getting interesting and it is not yet.

At the very end and I mean the last panel something important finally happened and then it ends with this terrible cliffhanger.  A cliffhanger needs to a new wrinkle in the story and THE wrinkle.

I think this comic is a long drawn out story and in looking back on the series in its entirety it can be appreciated.  At least I hope because this comic is written by Warren Ellis and he is not new to comics.  I can’t imagine him delivering such a snooze-fest of a story, but I can only review issue #3 and is not great.  The series is ok on the whole, but I am rounding up and putting faith in Ellis.   


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