The “Truth” About Recent Sinclair Industry Events

Credit: Me because IDGAF

Disclaimer: This article is reporting on things taking place in the immersive theater experience known as The Lust Experience, a follow up to the popular Tension Experience. It serves as a mixture of In Game and Out of Game perspective. So, if you are confused, it’s okay. Informational articles will be up shortly.

It has been a busy week for Noah and Sarah Sinclair as they recover from recent public scandals and attempt to clear the air. However, they took a serious misstep when they contacted the people who they deemed to be loyal and heartfelt supporters of The System.

Why do I say this? They contacted me to help them spread their version of the Truth regarding an incident that occurred Tuesday, April 18, between Noah Sinclair and an unnamed individual. In order to protect this individual, I shall keep his name out of this. I have enclosed images of the email they left me below.

Prior to this point, Sinclair Industries had barely responded to my email inquiries, including my job application. It wasn’t until an opportunity to clear up potentially scandalous information appeared to them that they reached out with this request.

In general, I am an observer. However, I will not be a peddler of obvious lies and deceit. Being asked to deliver a product that would compromise my own personal values and save the face of a company that continuously shoots itself in the foot was something that I was unwilling to do.

So, as you see in the lovely illustration above, I made sure to give them something they would not be able to work with. Unfortunately, other people were too willing to be taken in by the Sinclairs. Today Sinclair Industries revealed their truth today and I was dismayed to see that one of my colleagues had submitted work to be used by the Sinclairs to spread their lies. I’m sorry, Taylor, but you are no longer bae.

Tonight at 8:30 PM PST the Sinclairs are taking themselves to, where they will address the public at large. Will you get the actual truth for them? Probably not. At this point, I am not giving them the benefit of the doubt.

Ever watchful. Ever observant. No longer silent.

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