STAR WARS Video Gives New Details on Disney Theme Park Attraction

The Disney theme parks have offered Star Wars attractions for decades like Star Tours in both Disneyland and Disney World and have expanded to Hyperspace Mountain, Jedi training, and the Launch Bay.  You’re just as likely to run into Darth Vader and Stormtroopers are you are Mickey Mouse or Donald Duck. In 2019 Anaheim and Orlando will be opening Star Wars Land attractions and with this video presented at Star Wars Celebration over the weekend, we get a better idea of what might be there.

The idea is to give the guest the impressing that they are living inside of the Star Wars Universe. The park will be fully immersive and will a visitor’s reputation in the universe be influenced by the decisions they make. For example, if you ride an attraction that matches up the Resistance against the First Order you will the ramifications of your decision will affect you throughout the park. If you fly the Millenium Falcon a little too well there could be a bounty hunter on your tail. You could be asked to tasks for one side or another and that will alter your experience in the park.

How will this be accomplished? We have no idea. Imagineers and Disney executives aren’t saying much. They did say that there will be new planets created just for these locations. While this is all still in the early process and full details aren’t available, it is described as “the most ambitious project in the history of Walt Disney Imagineering.”

Star Wars Land is expected to open at Disneyland and Disney World in 2019.

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