#RebootWars: IT 1990 vs IT 2017 trailer

High hopes for Stephen King Reboot! That’s right people, the clown that made you second guess walking by a sewer drain and scared of school showers is back. Although, I was also scared to showers after seeing Jaws so maybe it’s was just me. The sad part this trailer (or teaser) coming out is that I’ve already heard some complaints:

  1. This reboot seems to be EXACTLY like the original!
  2. Why did they even need to reboot it?

Here’s the thing people, Stephen King’s IT is a book. The simple fact that Hollywood, let alone Warner Bros, is playing this close to the source material (or so it seems) is amazing! If Jurassic Park would had gone off the book properly, it would had been epic and possibly a 3 part movie. We should all be grateful if this is the case. Secondly, IT is one of the few movies that could benefit from a reboot. With updated special effects, large budget and story that was left out of the original TV movie, this is opportunity most reboots don’t have. To tell the story the Stephen King fans have read. I’ve even heard people had to put down the book while reading IT, that’s how scary IT is. That is the movie I look forward to.

With that being said, let’s get into Trailer Vs Trailer. It seems that a lot of people forget that IT was a TV Mini Series and took place in the 90’s. So you ended up with the Commercial Voice telling you what to watch. Someone recently got the idea to upload the “trailers” for a side by side comparison. These are fake. They took the original movie and uploaded scenes that mimic the new trailer. I will say this though, the original Commercial for IT is still creepy. With a little girl singing “Itsy-Bitsy Spider” over highlights of the mini series  still sends a shiver down me spine.

As for the new trailer (or teaser), the movie seems to focus on the first half of the book. Which is all about the children that defeat IT. Rumor has it, the first version of the script was called “Stephen King’s IT Part 1: The Loser’s Club.” Glad we start off by seeing the icon scene with Georgie chasing his boat into a sewer drain. Something to take from these trailer that people may had not noticed is that it takes play in the 80’s. So I’m sure when we get part 2, it’ll take place around our time era.

Need less to say, this Trailer Vs Trailer is comparing Apples to Oranges. Yes, they both maybe fruits but it’s two completely different things and that all because of time. That’s just my opinion. Go ahead and watch them for yourselves and leave a comment below to tell us what you think!


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