POWER RANGERS: Lex Lang Talks About His Time As Ecliptor on Power Rangers In Space

From video games to animes Lex Lang has done it all in the world of voice acting. He’s played some of our favorite roles such as Gekko Hayate in Naruto, Marechiyo Omaeda on Bleach, and one of my personal favorites Dr. Doom on Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, but perhaps one of his most iconic roles was on Power Rangers In Space as Ecliptor. The second in command to Astonema‘s evil forces, Ecliptor was merciless and brutal with a taste for combat a destruction. What made Ecliptor standout, however, was his paternal instinct for Astronema and his sense of honor. During his final moments, he freed himself from his evil programming and showed his love for Astronema by shielding her after he thought she would lose her life during the Zordon‘s energy wave.

D.J. River‘s from That Hashtag Show‘s YouTube channel had a chance to speak to the talented voice actor about his time on Power Rangers and spoke about future show’s Lang will be appearing in.


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