Marvel and Netflix’s LUKE CAGE Season 2 Villain Revealed!

Season 2 has started production under the name Tiara 2 and one of the big questions we had was who is going to be this season’s villain? It looks like we may have our answer.
Our source has provided us with 2 character breakdowns and with the help of MCU Exchange we have a good idea who will be showing up this season.
our first character is Byron: 30 – 45, 6’0 or taller, Jamaican, but open to Black Caribbean or African Descent. The smartest man any room, the most effortlessly powerful man in any situation. A natural leader, brimming with resentment but focused on justice. Physically fit and wildly intelligent. Speaks with a native accent from Jamaica / Caribbean / Africa, etc.* SERIES REGULAR
Here’s what our partners over at had to say:
“Everything about Bushmaster fits here for Byron. Bushmaster was a powerful Caribbean crime lord who worked his way through the European Maggia before heading to New York City. From audition tapes we’ve seen, it seems as if Bushmaster will be running some legitimate businesses in New York and decides to pay a surprise visit to the Big Apple. It’s possible that the recent turmoil in and around the city has gotten his attention and he decides it’s time to make his move.”
 “One part of season two might involve Doctor Burstein’s attempts to replicate the experiment that gave Cage his abilities and one comic book character who willingly underwent the experiment in the comics was John McIver, aka Bushmaster.”
We can also confirm that actor Evan Parke** (*King Kong*, *Django Unchained*) read for the role of “Byron”, but we can’t confirm anybody has been cast yet.
Tamara mid-20’s – early 30’s, African American, female, earthy. A brilliant, confident business owner who prides herself on her independence.. As much as she tries to stay far from trouble, it seems to always find her.* ACTORS MUST BE STRONG SINGERS. SERIES REGULAR
“I know what you’re thinking, Luke Cage doesn’t have a sister. You’re right. He did, however, have a brother, James Lucas Jr., who lived most of his life avoiding Carl to the point that he no longer knew whether or not he was alive. Based on the audition video, we think it’s possible that Marvel TV might be adapting James into a sister. One actor we can confirm that has read for the role is Amina Robinson**(*Precious*, *5 to 7*).”
There’s no official word on who has been cast yet. Do you guys like Bushmaster as one of this season’s villains? What other characters would you like to see in season 2. Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. I’d like to see something that isn’t a single story arc. Mix things up a bit. Dragging everything out for 13 episodes made Luke Cage and Iron Fist feel too soap-ish. And please make sure you give Misty Knight her “enhancement”….it’s very frustrating when you take characters we know and not follow through or alter them into someone who could’ve been called any other name.