Last year, Deadpool’s end tag scene not only confirmed a sequel but it also said that fan-favorite mutant, Cable would be coming to the big screen. Now it looks like Deadpool 2 has finally found its Cable! Thanos himself, Josh Brolin. There was a lot of speculation as to who would be playing the time-traveling mutant. Writer Rhett Reese said  that whoever it was would have to embody Cable’s tough and gruff demeanor, but also play as the straight man to Ryan Reynold’s absurd anti-hero.

Cable was one of the most sought after roles in Hollywood. Fans have guess that the part was going to be everyone for Michael Shannon to Russell Crowe to Pierce Brosnan. It looks like a dark horse candidate that was on no one’s radar has emerged. THR are exclusively reporting that Brolin will be playing Cable in Deadpool 2. Currently Brolin is shooting Avengers: Infinity War so we’re guessing that Deadpool 2 won’t start shooting until he’s wrapped on that, but we do know Mr. Brolin with have a busy year in the comic book movie world.



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