DISNEY Shuffles Its Future Film Slate


In an interesting game of musical chairs, Disney made some additions and adjustments to its future film slate today, including one that might result in the most profitable month for one studio in box office history. While the last two Star Wars films (Episode VII and Rogue One) and the upcoming Episode VIII have all had December release dates, Disney announced that Colin Trevorrow’s Episode IX, which begins filming this summer, will release on May 24, 2019. The release will follow the still untitled Avengers 4 by just 3 weeks, setting up for a potentially monstrous box office haul for the studio.

Additionally, Disney rescheduled Indiana Jones 5 for July 10, 2020, moving almost a full year from it’s July 19, 2019 date. The film is expected to see the return of star Harrison Ford and director Stephen Spielberg (in fact, Ford’s return to the role was contingent on the studio being able to lock down Spielberg), but the direction of the film is still unknown.

If the July 10, 2020 date seems familiar to you, it may be because it was originally ear-marked for one of Marvel Studios’ 3 untitled films due out that year. While speculation is that the May 1st date will be filled with Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, a film to which director James Gunn recently committed, the other two dates that make up the new age of Marvel Studios’ films are wide open. With the move of Indiana Jones to July 10, those two dates are now August 7th and November 6th.

Here’s the new schedule:

May 4, 2019: Avengers 4

May 23, 2019: Star Wars Episode XIII

May 1, 2020: Untitled Marvel Film

July 10, 2020: Indiana Jones 5

August 7, 2020: Untitled Marvel Film

November 6, 2020: Untitled Marvel Film

If you start saving your pennies now, you can probably make sure you’re ready for May 2019. However, you’ll also have to really think about a personal loan to get through the summer of 2020. What a great time to be alive!



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