DOCTOR WHO: PETER CAPALDI Was Asked to Stay Past Season 10

Peter Capaldi has revealed he was asked to stay on Doctor Who past season 10. Season 10 is debuting this weekend, and will be the last for Peter Capaldi and showrunner, Steven Moffat. Speaking to the NY Times, Capaldi revealed that instead of that being the intention, he was actually asked to stay on past season 11, but he made the decision to quit while he’s ahead:

“Oh, no, they asked me to stay on. And I love this show. But I began to get worried about my capacity to deliver my best work. The schedule is very intense, and I began to wonder, how many different ways can I find to say, “The time vortex is going to open up and destroy the entire universe as we know it, unless we blow up that model spaceship over there”? It concerned me that if I did more, yes, I’d be able to do it, but I’d just be phoning it in. And I didn’t ever want to be in that situation.”

There’s been a lot of speculation on who Capaldi’s replacement could be, and whether or not it will be male or female. Incoming showrunner, Chris Chibnall says no decision has been made yet. If Capaldi had decided to stay, he would have become the longest serving Doctor.

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