Annabelle 2: Creation Trailer (Reaction)

Annabelle 2: Creation Trailer (Reaction)

As you all know I am a huge fan of horror.  So I thought I’d watch the newest trailer for Annabelle 2 and let you ghosts and ghouls know what I thought of it.

To start off, the original Annabelle movie was created as a ploy for the studios to make a quick buck off of the success of the Conjuring series.  This is why the original didn’t have much practical or special effects.  The film was done in the Paranormal Activity fashion that led our imagination do the work for us.  Despite the studios short cuts the movie was a surprising success.

Now the question stands?  Did the studio learn from their mistakes?  The new trailer feeds my belief that they have.

If you haven’t seen the trailer and want to avoid SPOILERS, I would avoid watching the trailer.  In a nutshell, they pretty much tell you Annabelle’s complete origin all in two minutes and thirty seconds.

If you want to avoid spoilers in the trailer, you can read my spoiler free synopsis here.  The trailer starts off with showing a group of kids coming to live in what seems to be an orphanage.  A little girl finds mysterious room that is kept locked at all times by the care givers.  The children find Annabelle and start seeing the ghost of a young girl.  But the ghost of the young girl is not what she seems to be.  The children of the orphanage find themselves struggling with the forces that would do them harm.

This movie trailer gives us the promise of a full blown production.

In comparison to the trailer, I couldn’t help but notice some similarities to an older scary doll movie I grew up with as a child.  If you’re a Child’s Play fan you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about.  In the original Child’s Play 2 opening credits, it has the CEO’s from the Good Guy company take Chucky and recreate him.  Check out the clip below to see.

And here is the brand new trailer for Annabelle 2:Creation.

If you watch both trailers you can see what I mean.  But does that mean this movie is gonna be a rip off of Child’s Play?  I think not.

Originally the movie simply had the title Annabelle 2, but Creation was eventually added as a subtitle. Director David Sandberg said the following about the change: “I was fine with “2” but they said it implied more of the same, which it isn’t. Creation works though. Worse options were thrown around.” (

As a result, the directors goal is to make the movie that should have been made in the first place.  I look at the new trailer and the similarities to Child’s Play as an homage to the 80’s doll horror flicks.  Maybe this is the directors way of letting fans know that this film is for horror fans; made by horror fans.


What do you guys think?  Be sure to let us know in the comments below.

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