Web-Slinger’s Suit to Have A.I. Feature and Much More in SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING

New information has surfaced about Spider-Man‘s suit created by Tony Stark.  It looks like we’ll be seeing a lot of technology in the Spidey’s suit, and that includes an A.I. system similar to J.A.R.V.I.S. Apparently the voice “inside” the web-slingers head will be a bit of a surprise to Peter Parker, though the relationship between the two will seemingly be played for comedic purposes, as “he’s not used to working with an artificial intelligence the way Tony Stark is, so when Peter asks for directions on how to get somewhere, for example, the AI responds by wanting to know if he’ll be driving, or walking.”
We don’t know who will be providing the voice of the A.I. but with the announcement of so many actors cast last year it could almost be anyone. This won’t be the only surprise the suit will have in store for Peter. Screen Rant goes on to say that the suit will have “training wheels” protocol built to keep Peter from accessing every feature, something he’ll spend a lot of the movie trying to crack. Some feature the suit will have are a parachute, a heater, an airbag, the ability to light up, and a tracking device for Iron Man to find him. Kind of like a Spider-suit Low Jack.
The site also goes on to say the his webshooters will feature a variety of modes too, including, “adjusting the spread and type like the swinging web, web ball, ricochet web, a web that functions like a Taser, one that shoots multiple webs at the same time, and so on.”  The different webbing features are what seemed to be projected on Peter’s ceiling in the post credit scene in Captain America: Civil War. What do you guys think of the features in Spider-Man’s suit?
Source: Screen Rant

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