As I was drafting up the beginnings of an article to inform you, the general public, as to what the Lust Experience is and what the System is, I received a noteworthy press release from Sinclair Industries. I have attached it below for you all to read. I do advise that, if you are very confused by what the heck I am talking about, go to

and read the Lust Experience articles that Taylor Winters has written so far. They will catch you up to speed.
Until then, let me provide you some context. A few days ago, someone from our weary group was contacted by a Macy Jones by accident via email. This email revealed some information that was better left unseen by the general public. As is the case with many of us should we receive information we shouldn’t know about, said contacted person posted it on the Lust Forums for all of us to see.
Needless to say, Macy Jones was fired.
Last night she started her smear campaign on Twitter and via Periscope. Members of the forums went to the location she had posted for a “drop” where incriminating emails were left. Needless to say, the Sinclair Industries had to haul butt to make sure that their reputation did not further plummet down the toilet.
At least this time they wrote a press release where we couldn’t poke holes all over the place. That means they are learning.
Credit: Sinclair Industries
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