Starlock! Avengers: Infinity War News

Any long time Marvel fan is well aware of why Marvel Studios is choosing to adapt The Infinity Gauntlet as their big third act that is Avengers: Infinity War. Aside from 1984’s Secret Wars, it was the company’s first major “event book”. It threw all the major heroes in the mix together and put them up against the seemingly unbeatable, cosmic level threat that was Thanos. Minor spoilers for the comics and movies ahead!

Most all the major players were there. However, in 1991 Marvel didn’t craft their events to span across nearly every book under their banner. Only a handful of characters had direct tie-in, lead-up or aftermath books. One of those characters, that was also central to the main plot, was Adam Warlock.

Adam Warlock (or simply Warlock) had been around since 1966 and has a very convoluted history. However, during his time in the 90’s, under The Infinity Gauntlet writer Jim Starlin, Warlock had one primary goal. He was “The Guardian of the Infinity Gems” (stones in the MCU). He also helped rally the troops, when going up against Thanos.

It’s uncertain, but pretty obvious too me at this point that the character won’t be joining the MCU cast anytime soon; or at least not playing a major role. To be practical, I personally don’t think he would fit. The character’s muddled history, in combination with his overly stern persona and lack of a strong fan base, simply doesn’t make him very adaptable (*knock* on wood). So who will take his place?

We already knew the Guardians of the Galaxy would appear in Avengers: Infinity War. However, an undisclosed, direct source has recently informed us that Peter Quill, (aka Star-Lord), played by Chris Pratt, will be “playing a huge part and taking the place of another character”.  The source, who gave us this information, has already read the scripts and went on to admit that he will apparently be “filling Warlock’s role”.

But Quill’s persona in the MCU couldn’t be more different than Warlock’s in the comics. Star-Lord is a certified goofball, as opposed to a serious guy who rarely cracked a smile. Quill could barely hang on to one stone without dropping it; let alone watch over six. However, his ridiculous charm is more in tone that of most Marvel movies.

What makes things more interesting is that Warlock often hung around with his side-kick, Pip the Troll. Pip was a wise cracking, cigar smoking, pint-size character with a bad attitude. It is also rumored that actor Peter Dinklage of Game of Thrones might be playing him in the movie. Pip is a smart mouthed, witty and not too far off from parts Dinklage has played in the past. It seems like a natural fit. So in a way, the roles on screen might be reversed. If everything plays out this way, Dicklage could play the straight man with a little dark comedy and let Pratt provide most of the slapstick humor. It would undoubtedly be entertaining to fans.

So where does that leave things? Will Star-Lord wind up leaving the Guardians to go form The Infinity Watch after Infinity War? As long as the Guardians keep raking in millions of dollars…probably not.  But all of this does paint a better picture of what we are likely to see in Avengers: Infinity War in 2018.

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