Have You Seen Jake – Yesterday, Today, & Tomorrow Review

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We’re driving up the mountain, winding to and fro up and down narrow roads. Rocky terrain is soon replaced by tall trees and we arrive in the mountain town of Idyllwild. We make a couple of turns and soon we see a sign up ahead – Silver Pines Lodge. As we proceed to park, the sinking pit growing in my stomach sinks me deeper into the car seat. We get out of the car and prepare to check in. I look up and stare at the sign. This is where everything began. Would this also be the end of our Search for Jake?

Have You Seen Jake’s final event, Yesterday, Today, & Tomorrow, took participants through an emotional journey overnight with a heartbreaking conclusion. The event was separated into three acts. Each act corresponded with the event’s title, Yesterday, Today, & Tomorrow. Act I represented the past. Act II represented the present. Act III literally represented tomorrow and took place the following day of the event.

As with previous events, Yesterday, Today, & Tomorrow presented participants with personal character interactions and tense, story driven encounters that provided us with much needed answers. Unlike Water & Fire, participants primarily took on a more passive role this time around as we watched the story unfold before us, revealing where Jake has been since September. We learned about what we had forgotten and discovered the harsh truth surrounding the realities of Grief, Shame, and Trauma.

Instagram: @haveyouseenjake

As the final event in the Have You Seen Jake trilogy, the focus was primarily on the narrative. Given how many questions needed to be answered, this narrative-driven focus made sense. One of the biggest concerns, as has been the case throughout the entirety of the Have You Seen Jake experience, was catching up to speed those new to the event. However, the Organizers took great care in arranging a meet up for a handful of new participants prior to Yesterday, Today, & Tomorrow.

One of the consistent notes I’ve made regarding Have You Seen Jake is how the story has managed to grip participants and make them experience a roller coaster of emotions. However, storytelling alone cannot lead to a memorable experience like Have You Seen Jake. This is where the Organizers and the performers of Have You Seen Jake come into play. Without their powerful interactions and planning, I am not sure Have You Seen Jake would have been as compelling or as memorable to participants. The powerful performances and the logistical planning all had a hand in making Yesterday, Today, & Tomorrow so compelling and memorable for participants.

Instagram: @haveyouseenjake

I was always told by my acting mentors that a great production or performance will stick with you for a long time. Have You Seen Jake embodies this completely. Have You Seen Jake, as a whole, is a production that has and will continue to be held in our hearts for a very long time. Yesterday, Today, & Tomorrow cemented that. Whatever the Organizers of Have You Seen Jake are planning for future productions, I can confidently say it is something we can all look forward to.


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