Old Man Logan to join X-Men Gold!

Who said X-Men was boring?! They’re dead wrong with this awesome title that will be coming to you in April! Seems as if Marvel Comics is hitting all the right strings when it comes to this new X-Men on-going with Marc Guggenheim (X-Men, television’s Arrow) and Ardian Syaf (Superman/Batman) behind it. Check out the description and the preview below:

Kitty Pryde has returned to Earth to find the X-Men in shambles. Now, the student will become the teacher as Kitty takes the reigns to assemble a team of the brightest, the toughest and the heaviest hitters in the X-Men’s vast roster. Storm, Colossus, Nightcrawler, Old Man Logan and Rachel Grey. They are the X-Men, and they’re here to take mutantkind into the future! Be there as they embark on their first adventure in X-MEN GOLD #1 – available wherever comics are sold on April 5th!

If you’re excited for this, make sure to ask your local comic shop to pre-order this title now!

X-MEN GOLD #1 (FEB170777)

Art & Cover by ARDIAN SYAF

Variant Covers by DAVID MARQUEZ (FEB170782), BILLY MARTIN (FEB170781),


Hip-Hop Variant by ANDRE LEROY DAVIS (FEB170778)

Corner Box Variant by LEONARD KIRK (FEB170780)

Party Variant by RON LIM (DEC168886)

Party Sketch Variant Also Available

FOC – 03/13/17, On-Sale – 04/05/17

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