The Last Jedi: Supreme Leader Snoke “Throne Room And Body Details” LEAKED!!

While fans continue to speculate over the true identity of Supreme Leader Snoke, it looks like some more details may have emerged from the Pinewood set.

Star Wars YouTuber Mike Zeroh has alleged new information concerning the villain’s body and throne room.

In a new video, he says: “We do know that Snoke will be a puppet/suit in The Last Jedi, however we have recently learned… it will be layered over with some CGI [while] his cloak will be actual clothing.

“Andy Serkis does the voice again, however it sounds different this time in comparison to how he sounded in The Force Awakens.”

He continued: “[It] took from six to eight men to operate Snoke, that tells me that this suit, this puppet, is very complex to control… and Adam Driver shot scenes with it [for The Last Jedi].”

“Snoke’s throne is labelled as an antique. Now could this throne be something that once belonged to a Sith many ages ago?”

“Could it be Darth Plagueis’? Who knows.

“There is a carpet that leads to Snoke’s throne, again keeping that medieval theme, such as the cross-guard lightsaber [Kylo Ren] and Maz Kanata’s castle.”

He added: “With all of these details [taken into account], it’s really making me question, is this going to be the most villainous character out of all the Star Wars films?

“Could he even overpower Emperor Palpatine when it comes to being intimidating and having that villainous vibe?”

The validity of Zeroh’s claims will perhaps not be proven one way or the other until The Last Jedi hits theaters.

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