Interviews from ECCC Final: Terry Dodson

Terry Dodson, ECCC 2016 Interview

Me: “ I’m  Currently here with Terry Dodson. This is actually kind of a personal interview for me, because the first comic I ever bought was Generation X and that was a while ago. I read that on a monthly basis; but let’s go ahead and move things forward and talk about some creator owned stuff that your working on right now. What do you have to say about some of those?”

Dodson : “Yeah, actually right now I am working on a brand new creator owned book called Adventure Man!  Matt Fraction and I are writing it. Matt and I cooked this up about seven years ago after we had done Uncanny X-Men and The Defenders; and we just announced the launch of the book at Emerald City this weekend and we are shooting to release it from Image comics this Fall.”

* Dodson is also currently working on Red One (shown above).  

Me: “Yeah very cool! In-between those two time periods your work has been all over. It’s very distinguishable and if you’re a comic fan, I’m sure you’ve seen it. It’s very amazing. One thing I wanted to talk to you about (I don’t know what you can say), but one of the last runs I read was The Defenders which currently has a Netflix show coming out. Is there anything you know or have read?”

Dodson: “I actually don’t. I wasn’t even sure there was going to be a show.”

Me: “So kind of in the dark with the rest of us. But how do you feel that name should be treated; with the fact that you got to write a couple of the characters that are going to be on the screen.”

Dodson:  “Well you know? The defenders are kind of like the odd-ball, unwanted characters in the Marvel Universe; and now their kind of having a chance to step up and be a little more popular. So it’s kind of like an everyman, or every person kind of show or team. So when the Avengers are busy, or the X-Men are busy, you have to call in The Defenders. So it’s kind of like the working class, all-American kind of team. So you know, there should be a lot of room for it to grow as a series.”

Me: “I understand. It’s kind of like an Island of Misfit toys kind of thing. I get that. So thanks and have a good rest of the con.


Epilogue (of sorts):

Well, that wraps up this series of delayed interviews from Emerald City. Thanks again to the creators and anyone who read any of these interviews! With so many big names being at the con, I don’t even want to mention all the creators I didn’t get a chance to talk with or write about.

But I wanted to put these interviews out anyways (largely for myself as well). By conducting these interviews, I learned a lot about a good number of things, in a short amount of time; then even more from recapping them.

These interviews might not be a good indicator of what my actual writing is like, but I’m often told my “writing skills are pretty good”.  I also have quite a bit of experience in the comic book realm. So starting very soon, I’ll be writing a post on this site about random things in the comic book world that I feel are important called Moving the Comics Needle. I cooked the name up when I was in Seattle and it stuck, so I’m going to run with it (shame on you if you think it sounds phallic!). I’ll do my best to have it out at least once a week along with some reviews or other tidbits here and there. Thanks again.

-Happy Reading!

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