Interviews from ECCC Part 7: Jim Zub

Jim Zub, ECCC 2016 Interview

Me: “Here up in Seattle with Mr. Jim Zub. Let’s go ahead and here what you have to say about the stuff behind you and in front of you that you’re advertising.”

Zub: “Here I’ve got two creator owned series that I’m promoting. One of them is called Wayward it’s published by Image comics. It’s a bit like Buffy in Japan. So it’s teenagers fighting Japanese mythological monsters. And each issue and book has also got essays about Japanese monster lore or culture. So it’s a really nice fun addition. The other book that we promoted here at the show is the trade paperback for Glitterbomb. And that one’s a Hollywood horror story about a single mother and middle age actress who is quite unhappy with the state of Hollywood. And after she gets possessed by something strange, she decides she’s going to take it all down.  So it’s sort of a dark black hearted take down of celebrity culture.”

Me: “Those are two great pitches. They both got my attention, for sure. But those are not the only things you’re working on. We were just talking about how I saw you at a Marvel panel. And you made some announcements there. If you want to echo those a little bit…”

Zub: “Sure! I’m currently writing The Thundrbolts for Marvel and as of this weekend, it’s been announced that I’m taking over Uncanny Avengers from Gerry Duggan. So issue 24 coming out in June is going to be my first one. It feels great. I’ve been working on it for a few months already and finally the secret is out and I can talk about it.”

Me: “That must feel good. “I think at the moment those are two interesting books to talk about because everybody is in on the Cap secret at the moment. Anything you want to say as far as Secret Empire?”

Zub: “Well, obviously Thunderbolts is with Bucky Barnes being a big part of the Thunderbolts book; he’s getting pulled in quite intimately with what’s happening in Secret Empire. So we’ve got a three part lead up to Secret Empire called Return of the Masters.  It’s the Masters of Evil and the source of the Thunderbolts. Barron Zemo has returned and wants his old team back and the damage and the punishment he’s gonna lay out on Bucky is going to have reverberations all though Secret Empire. Over on Uncanny Avengers Cap and the gang from Hydra know that the Uncanny group is quite powerful  and that they could mess with their plans. So Hydra basically pulls a fast one. I can’t say what happens exactly . But the Uncanny Avengers when they start my run are basically behind the eight ball right from the first page. Something terrible has happened and they’re on the defensive; and so it’s gonna be big action and big drama right from the get-go.”

Me: “That all sounds very cool. I know that I’m backing up the Hydra Cap. Some people might be against it, but I can see the appeal. I’m really enjoying it and you might want to dive into it ore if you haven’t checked out these things. Any other thoughts?”

Zub: “I love the Seattle show Emerald City Comic Con’s one of my favorite conventions. The feel here and that atmosphere and the mood. Like this show’s heart beats comic books. And so meeting readers and talking to them has been a blast. I just love doing work; both my creator owned stuff and Marvel work and I’m thankful that the readers are supporting it.

Me: “Yeah, I would back up everything you just said. I love it here. The energy and vibe in this room is great. That’s great.”

Zub: “If anyone wants to find out more about my work they can check out”

Me: “Sounds easy enough. Good luck with your writing. Thanks for your time.”

*We talked after the interview about how controversy is what sells. Or if nothing else, “gets people talking”. Zub isn’t writing Secret Empire but as he said, his books will be playing a role. Despite the controversy, I am enjoying this new take on Captain America. If nothing else, it’s fresh. Give things a shot guys. Mr Zub was undoubtedly one of the nicest people I had the pleasure of talking with when I was there; and that’s saying a lot.

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