Interviews from ECCC Part 1: Brian Stelfreeze

Brian Stelfreeze, ECCC 2016 Interview 

Me: “Hi, I’m here in Seattle, beautiful Seattle.”

Srelfreeze: “It’s awesome!”

Me: “It is awesome! That man right there is Mister Brian Stelfreeze, currently working on Black Panther over at Marvel. But in addition to that he’s been in the industry for a very long time. For people who aren’t familiar with your name what are some other things they’ve seen you work on?”

Stelfreeze: “Well, I started my work on a lot of the Batman books. So I’ve worked on a Batman, Spider-Man, some of the X-Men books. So pretty much, just about every comic and comic company that’s out there.”

Me: “So yeah, big big list. Right now your current focus is on Black Panther though. It’s looking beautiful. I’m really enjoying it and I know I’m not alone there. What are you trying to bring to the table at the moment; to alter the character and bring in something new?”

Stelfreeze: “Well I’m trying to bring a lot of realism to the character. I’m trying to re-think a lot of the stuff that’s already been there and the stuff we love. But I’m also trying to bring modernization to the character and also really try to make Wakanda a part of the story (rather than just a back-drop).”

Me: “I think you’re definitely succeeding there. It feels almost like a living city. It’s very cool. And I’m gonna’ go ahead and ask it: What are your thoughts of the movie? What have you seen? And What do you know?”

Stelfreeze: “Well, the cool thing is, I was a little nervous about how they were going to handle Black Panther in his own movie; but then when I saw Cicl War and just the perfect way they handled him in that movie it made me even more excited about a Black Panther film.”

Me: “I think everyone would agree with you there. So if you’re not reading the book go check it out. I think it will get you a little more hyped-up for the movie.”

Stelfreeze: “For sure! Take it easy good hanging out with you.”


Emerald City Comic Con was roughly a week or two ago in Seattle, WA and I had the pleasure of attending for my first time. While ECCC is not known for making big announcements regarding celebrities (yet), the convention had one of the most stacked lists of comic book artists and writers I have ever seen at a any con prior.

Artist Ally was in two large ballrooms. It contained both artists and writers who were surrounded by true fans of their work. The energy in the rooms could be felt and as you will see, the creators loved it. The lay-out also gave me the chance to chat freely with some of the biggest names in the comic book industry.

Interviews at ECCC will be a short series showcasing the recorded Q&A’s I had with creators who were kind enough to take the time to chat with me. I apologize if any of this is now “old news”. Yet I had too much fun chatting to let it slip away. But continue reading, because there just might be some fresh info, as well as chance to get to know creator’s thoughts and stories.

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