Interviews from ECCC Part 2: Charles Soule


Charles Soule, ECCC 2016 Interview

Me: “Here at ECCC with Mr. Charles Soule. He’s amazing at the moment. If you are a fan of comics you have undoubtedly seen his work in the past couple years. It’s everywhere (in a good way). Let’s go ahead and start with that poster right there for your new book [Curse Words].”

Soule: “Curse Words! So yeah, I have this new book that is coming out from Image right now that is called Curse Words. Two issues are our (as of the convention). It’s an ongoing series, so there’s going to be many more to come. It’s sort of this crazy fantasy series. It’s about a wizard who pops up in New York City and starts casting spells for money. Everybody gets very excited that he’s there because they’ve never seen a wizard before. This is crazy stuff. It turns out that he’s hiding a dark secret. He’s actually a super evil wizard from a very evil place and he’s here to cause some havoc and havoc begins quickly after that. So it’s kind of like Lord of the Rings meets Breaking Bad. It’s kind of funny though too. It’s a lot of fun.” 

Me: Yeah, the art looks kind humorous, in a sense. In addition to that book, you’re doing so much work everywhere, you’re dealing with some other creator owned properties and big names Like Daredevil and the Inhumans, the list goes on and on and on. You’re also involved in Star Wars. Any of those that are popping out to you?”

Soule: “Daredevil’s a big book for me at the moment. I’m an attorney as well as being a writer. And so giving a chance to be able to work on one of the most prominent attorney superhero characters in the world is a big deal (especially with the TV show on Netflix right now). So I’m in the middle of a good long run over on that book; which will go for a good while yet, which is exciting. And then, as you said I’m doing a lot of Star Wars work. I’m doing the Poe Dameron series, which is set in the Episode 7 time line. I did an Obi-Wan and Anakin book that is set around Episode 1 and Episode 2 and then I did a Lando book that is set between Episode 4 and 5. So I’m (as far as I know) one of the only writers who’s been able to work on all three time lines of the cannon.”

Me: *Laughs* “That is impressive. But I think one of the biggest things you’re working on at the moment is IVX, which has had a good long time of build up going for it. What can you tell us about what’s going on there and possibly what might happen in the wake of it?”

Soule: “IvX is Inhuman vs. X-Men. There’s been kind of a big rivalry between them. It’s not like they’re enemies. It’s a fight for survival between them. Because the Inhumans use this substance to kind of get their superpowers which is called Terrigen and a lot of that was released to the world recently in the form of these clouds kind of traveling around and it was a mistake, but it poisons mutants so all of the X-Men characters when they come into contact with this stuff they die. So we now have a situation where the Inhumans desperately need this to maintain their power but the X-Men don’t want to die. So they’re at odds over that. It’s a huge kind of war almost (which is very exciting to read). We are at issue 5 of 6. Six comes out this Wednesday. So we’re going to get to see how it all wraps up and comes to a close and who wins and who loses.”

Me: “Are we going to have a different winner?”

Soule: “Yeah I think you can absolutely say there’s a definite winner and definite loser. But that’s not what the story is about for me it’s a lot more complicated. I like to write stories that feel a little bit more real and I don’t know that there are real winners in war. It’s always more nuances than that and we try to write a story like that. I’m co-writing it with Jeff Lemire; the artists on the book are Lienil Yu and Javier Garron.”

Me: “Very real take on war, when you say it like that. Anything else coming up that you are excited about?”

Soule: “There’s some other stuff that will be announced in the next month or so that I’m excited about. Curse Words is the big focus and there is also the wrap up of my other creator owned series Letter 44 which has come out with issue 30 and I’m going to 35 so that’s very exciting.”

Me: “Congratulations.”

Soule: “Yeah, it’s very exciting and that’s pretty much the slate so thanks for talking about my work. This has been awesome. I appreciate it.”

Me: “I appreciate it too.”

*Some afterthoughts here, Inhumans Vs. X-Men is now over and without giving anything away, things did end similarly to how Charles said they would.

Also, Mr. Soule, if by some strange stoke of luck you read this, I’m sorry if I hovered a little too much that day. I know you’re a busier guy than Matt Murdock. I had a million other questions. But I think another fan asked a better one at the Marvel panel:

Q: “Is Rey a Kenobi?”

A: “For now….she’s whatever you would like her to be.”

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