The INHUMANS: First Set Pics Featuring Black Bolt And LockJaw

Now that we got the full character list for the INHUMANS show, now it’s time to start picturing how everyone is going to look in their spiffy costumes. Will they adhere to the comics, or go a different route to keep it all looking fresh and grounded. How will they film Lockjaw, a dog the size of a large hippo? Well good thing you don’t have to wait much longer for that, because we got the first set pics right here waiting for you featuring Anson Mount as Black Bolt and that 2,000 pound pooch…in some form or another (via Reel News Hawaii)

Filming has officially begun in Hawaii, which is amazing considering the casting of Mount and the announcement of who all will appear dropped only last week. Still, they have to get ready for that September IMAX debut, and quick. As for the costume, obviously Mount’s will differ a bit from the comics, but chances are all the characters will have some uniform look. This may bum some of you traditionalists out there, but if you need to calm down just look at that big puppy. It’s so huge and blue!

The first two episodes of INHUMANS will air in IMAX this September with Mount, Ken Leung, Serinda Swan, Iwan Rheon and more

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