The Future Meets The Past In Booster Gold/The Flintstones Annual (2017) #1

Art by:  Pier Brito, Rick Leonardi, Scott Hanna, Steve Buccellato and Alex Sinclair

Cover by:  Mike and Laura Allred

Written by:  Amanda Conner, Jimmy Palmiotti and Mark Russell

Release:  03/29/2017

Issue:  1 (Annual)

Booster Gold goes on a date and ends up having to save the world yet again.

Gold is fame-seeking hero from the future and he thinks very highly of himself.  While he is on a date a group of lizard-people on hoverboards begin destroying the city.  Gold throws his date in a dumpster for safety while he comes up with a plan.

He devises a plan to go back in time to fight the aliens as soon as they arrived on Earth.  The first time they arrived it happens to be in prehistoric times.

Right before Gold’s trip through time ends we see the lizard man is telling the cave people about how it is going to teach them how to live in peace, eliminate poverty and eliminate hunger.  The panel ends with the quote of the comic.

“And erections lasting more than four hours shall not be a cause for concern.”

Courtesy of DC Comics

Gold then arrived and kills the lizard person by chopping it in half by accident.  At this point Fred and Barney from The Flintstones are introduced as they try to help Gold to return home.

I really enjoyed the humor in this comic.  Gold himself has always lent himself to the comedic side of comics, but The Flintstones mixed in just adds to that.  Having someone from the future interact with someone from the past can always lead to funny situations.  However, Barney and Fred are not portrayed as morons.  Fred just wants Gold to leave before he messing anything else up.

The use of using animals as tools leads to more comedy.  Gold tries to explain how much energy his ship will need in order to work, but the scientist asks him to convert it from joules to eel power.

I loved everything about this comic, but my only complaint is that it ended.  It was a quick fun read all readers will enjoy. However, the issue is an annual which means it is a one-and-done story typically.

Courtesy of DC Comics

The comic ended with a backup The Jetsons story.  Booster Gold/Flintstones was heavy on the comedy, but the Jetsons was a somber and sad story.  The teenage daughter of the Jetsons, Judy, goes to meet her grandma in secret.  Her grandmother is at an end-of-life option center to undergo some kind of procedure.

Judy is trying to get her to reconsider or postpone it so her dad can be there.  It was a really heavy and dramatic comic which can really catch people right in the feels.  I will say it ends in a really good and happy way.  The little Jetsons story was there to set the tone and advertise an upcoming The Jetsons comic.  It worked for me because I want to check out the comic when it arrives.

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