Doom Patrol #5 Is Almost Starting To Makin Sense

Art by:  Nick Derington and Tamra Bonvillain

Cover by:  Nick Derington

Written by:  Gerard Way

Release:  03/22 /2017

Issue: #5

Hashtag Rating: 4/5

The Doom Patrol series has been a blender filled with weirdness, but it is starting to make a delicious smoothie in issue #5.

We learn about what Casey Brinke is and why she is so special.  In the issue the individuals who will comprise the Doom Patrol team are put together.  In the first big battle as a loose-knit team they work well together.

The comic is starting to come together and make sense, but I still couldn’t tell you what is going on.  I am very confused by who people are in a not knowing backstory type of way.  However, I am not confused in a frustrating type of way.  Each issue gives the reader just enough detail to keep everyone interested.

Courtesy of DC Comics

The story is progressing slowly, but I have a feeling it will pick up soon.  Each issue has slightly increased the pace.  It will be at a breakneck pace in no time and it will be awesome when it does.  

A character who was briefly introduced early in the series is the villain of the issue.  It is nice to see the comic taking steps to establish lore which was not from the original series in this issue.  

When reading the issue I can feel the story has some history behind the characters. I am sure if I was a fan of the original Doom Patrol series I would really get a kick out of the characters being introduced.  However, I just know that certain characters are from the original series.  

Doom Patrol #5 is written by Gerard Way.  Nick Derington and Tamra Bonvillian providing the art for the issue with  DC Comics publishing the issue.

I had read the first issue when it had first come out, but I had not stayed with it.  It just didn’t draw me in enough at the time.  When writing this review I went back and read all the issues leading up to this one.  Each issue has gotten better and better with this being the best so far.  This comic really has me invested in how this adventure progresses.

Courtesy of DC Comics

Way did a good job at giving a great depth to each character and making each one very different from each other.  This is an extraordinary feat because I know almost nothing about the characters, but I feel like I know them.

It is very important everyone knows about the maturity level of the issue.  Even though this is a DC comic and they are typically alright for younger audiences to read this is not.  The characters curse quite a bit in the issue.   

I will keep an eye on this series from here on out and I suggest everyone does the same.  This is a comic which is going in the right direction and this issue is starting to speed things up quite a bit.


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