Comic Rewind: Sons Of The Devil Vol. 1

The life of Travis Crowe gets complicated as his mysterious past begins to be revealed in Sons Of The Devil Vol. 1.

Crowe’s private investigator foster brother tells him he may have found Crowe’s father.  Crowe has a very rare genetic mutation. One of his eyes is red and the other is blue.  As the story moves forward the reader gets flashbacks to see Crowe’s parent’s lives.

Through these flashbacks we can see that Crowe’s father also has red and blue eyes as well.  In fact we get to see multiple characters with the mutation, but it could be the same character with different looks.  

A story which begins as a grounded story about cults and uncovering a mystery quickly changes.  A man with red and blue eyes is sacrificing people to the devil who talks to him in a mirror.

This comic is written by Brian Buccellato and Toni Infante is the artist on the book.  Image Comics published it in 2015.

I absolutely love noir crime stories and throw some occult stuff in there and I am totally listening.  However, this comic was super confusing and not in a complicated way.  It was confusing in a poor writing type of way.  I was constantly having to go back and see if this character is from earlier in the volume because I am supposed to know who he is, but I don’t recognize him.

The “A” story about Crowe’s past is all over the place with flashbacks and I was always confused if a group of pages were set in the past or the present.  I was able to figure it out, but that time of me trying to figure out the character or time period takes away from the comic.

An example of incomplete art

Art was embarrassing at times.  The art has a scratchy and quick strokes type of style which is fine.  However, many panels looked incomplete and had a “goods enough” type of feel.  I don’t expect a master level of art from every comic, but I do expect at least a 90 percent effort.  It is not every panel and probably 90 percent of the comic art is good.  However, the other 10 percent is rough.

I liked certain aspects of the comic, but other things really annoyed me about the comic.  I am unsure about if I will read the second volume.  Part of me wants to see where things go and how it progresses, but my other half says no way.

As far as recommending this volume to people I just can’t.  If noir crime mixed with occult are interesting to you then pick up the first issue.  Try that one out and see how it fits.

A really good noir crime mixed with occult comic is Fatale by Ed Brubaker.  It is almost the same story as this with a main character with a mysterious past, but is actually really good.  The art is really good as well.  I know I recommend Brubaker a lot, but he is really good at this comic book thing.

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