Comic Rewind: Power Man and Iron Fist Vol. 1

The fan favorite superhero team, Heroes for Hire, are reunited for one last job in Power Man and Iron Fist Vol. 1.  

Heroes for Hire as made up of Power Man also known as Luke Cage and Iron Fist.  Their former office assistant is released from prison after serving time for murdering her abusive boyfriend.

Cage and his wife Jessica Jones were really apprehensive about the duo reuniting, but Iron Fist really wants it.  Their former office assistant Jennie Royce asked the duo if they could please recover her grandmother’s necklace from a crime lord for her.

The two take care of this favor for her and it turns out the necklace has a great evil power.  For the rest of the volume the pair tries to save their old friend.

David F. Walker wrote the volume.  Sanford Greene and Flaviano did the art for the volume.  The volume was published by Marvel Comics in 2016.

Humor is a big part of this comic.  All the jokes landed fairly well, but it never really committed to being a humor book.  It is obvious Walker has a grasp of humor, but it seemed he was not able to really go for it.  It hurt the book because I was always waiting for a joke which never came.

An example of some of the humor comes after Doctor Strange had no idea what the necklace was.  Cage said he knows a guy who could help and that guy was named Senor Magico.  Magico was a fat and looked like actor Luis Guzman.  Just that named is funny, but I feel they could have used him much more.  It was a wasted humor opportunity.

I also really liked the fact that Cage wasn’t allowed to curse because his daughter would repeat them. This led him to make up words.  He was constantly saying things like “ain’t that some fiddle faddle.”  

Luke Cage In His Smart Car

The art was really exaggerated and could have used that as a reason to get silly.  Art in the volume was unrealistic, so that could have been another avenue for jokes.  However, the art wasn’t really used that much for humor either.

A humor-action comic which doesn’t have humor should have action.  However, there wasn’t that much action either.  The fight scenes were over pretty fast.  Cage and Iron Fist are both very dangerous foes for enemies, but I didn’t get that from this comic.  Iron Fist was the overeager little brother to Cage’s annoyed big brother personality.  This softened them too much.

This volume was good.  It is a solid comic with the only flaws being missed opportunities, but this comic will not blow anyone away.  This is a good comic for a flight or something like that.  It is a light easy read and that isn’t a bad thing as long as you know what to expect.

With the Iron Fist Netflix series just being released this is a good introduction to the characters and their interaction with each other.  

However, if you want to read a really good Iron Fist solo comic then I suggest Iron Fist by Kaare Andrews.  It tells his origin and how powerful he is in his prime.  The comic has some good fight scenes, but is a bit darker than this comic.    

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