BATMAN BEYOND #6 Rise of the Demon Review

BATMAN BEYOND #6 Rise of the Demon Review
Art by: Bernard Chang
Cover by: Bernard Chang
Variant cover by: Martin Ansin
Written by: Dan Jurgens
We all knew Ra’s Al Guhl was immortal.  However, who would have thought The League of Assasins would have outlasted Bruce Wayne?  I’m guessing a lot of us did.  How will the new Dark Knight stand against the demon?  You can only find out in DC’s newest adventure.

“RISE OF THE DEMON” part one! A new world power that no one anticipated or recognizes is re-engineering large swaths of the planet in the aftermath of Brother Eye’s destruction. Batman is drawn into this tale of global conquest after a violent visit from his old foe, Curaré. His only chance of success hinges on an old friend joining him in the fight that looms ahead.”

The story starts out with a white ninja fighting to survive against the demonic ninja hoard.  The League of Assassins is working hard to get their grasp on Gotham.  Bruce Wayne is out of retirement to lead the new generation of the Bat family.  But, is does he have what it takes to trust others to do what is needed?



Dan Jurgens writes an epic story arc that establishes all that is needed to know in this new era.  Whether you’re continuing the Rebirth Saga or just jumping into the series, this is the book for you.

Bernard Chang’s art is clean and colorful.  The characters pop off the page while explosions and action are displayed page by page.  The style reminds me of how the Batman Beyond Animated Series was drawn.  If your are or were a fan of the show, you’ll be pleased to read this issue of Batman Beyond issue 6.

Hash Tag Rating: 3


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