3 Things You Should Know Before You Buy Horizon Zero Dawn

I recently had purchased the newest exclusive game for the PS4: Horizon Zero Dawn.  I decided to go with the deluxe edition because it had 2 skins and 3 survival packs.  That being said there were a few things I love about this game but there were a few things I wished I knew before I bought this game as well.

  1. DO NOT BUY THE DELUXE EDITION: Just don’t do it!  The two skins that come with the pack look cool.  But, within twenty minutes of the game, they will be rendered useless.  Right away, you’ll be able to purchase better skins for in-game currency.  Save that extra ten dollars something worth it.
  2. An Original Experience:  It’s hard to come across an original idea or story.  Horizon Zero Dawn manages to give you both.  The world is taken over by mechanical animals that turn carbon into energy.  The old world of technology has been reclaimed by the “new nature”.  Civilization has started to rebuild a new world; mixed of all races and cultures.  The only thing to fear, are the machines.
  3. The Power is Yours:  In Horizon Zero Dawn, you have an array of choices to fight the machines.  Wield your trusty bow and arrow,  slingshot; or you could go stealth or even override the enemy and see the machines battle it out.  You can literally sneak up on a machine/animal hybrid and take control over it as long as they don’t see you coming.

Even though I wouldn’t advise buying the deluxe edition, I highly recommend playing this game.  It is full of heart, adventure, and mystery that will keep you playing long after completing the main story.
Graphics: 5
Story: 5
Gameplay: 5
Overall Score: 5 Odell Beckham Jr Jersey