THEORY: Ever Wonder Why Vader Never Uses Force Speed To Fly Or Glide??

HAVE you noticed that Star Wars villain Darth Vader never runs or uses Force speed to glide or fly? Is it because he can’t or won’t?

We know he can’t fly. But what about a light jog or a short sprint? Throughout the films, we see Jedi leaping and skipping and hopping and jumping all over the place. Not Darth.

What if he actually needs to get somewhere in a hurry? And why haven’t his enemies figured out that it’s not that hard to run away from him?

The clues lie in the novels and movies but also the latest Battlefront game has a startling revealtion.

The reasons for his lack of speed lie initially, but not entirely, with his rebuilt body.

After he was rendered quadriplegic at the end of The Revenge of the Sith, he needed time to master his heavy new prosthetic limbs.

We are told that they were made of a durasteel alloy but then had to be reinforced with added metal strips to bear the incredible weight of his armoured suit.

The frailty of what remained of his human body was exposed in a scene in Rogue One where we see Vader suspended in a tank filled with liquid.

The weight of his artificial limbs plus the armoured suit must put an incredible strain on his remaining joints, not to mention his heart.

His slow, heavy steps, however are also a conscious form of intimidation and statement of power, even though new evidence shows that he is capable of far faster movements.

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