Hugh Jackman Reflects on Seventeen Years as Wolverine


After seventeen years, no one has ever played a superhero character more times than Hugh Jackman has played Wolverine. All good things must come to an end, however, and with Logan Jackman takes his last turn as the iconic mutant.

Lonstermash, our friend and exceptional Wolverine cosplayer, had the opportunity to attend the press junket for Logan, where he spoke with Jackman about his long tenure as Wolverine. Check it out.


Lonstermash: Well, I’m finally meeting [you].

Hugh Jackman: [claps] Bravo, man. Look at this. Come on.

Lonstermash: You’re complimenting me. I’m so honored.

Hugh Jackman: It’s a good effort. Really good effort.

Lonstermash: Thank you so much. Well I wouldn’t be here right now if it weren’t for you, so thank you so much for that.

Hugh Jackman: My pleasure, man.

Lonstermash: You’ve had seventeen years of playing one of the most beloved characters in all of comics, and unfortunately it’s gonna come to an end. What are you gonna miss the most about playing Logan?

Hugh Jackman: When I saw the movie—I was really clear it was gonna be the last one—and then I was so happy and grateful to Fox that they were like, “go for it,” when I came, when Jim [Mangold] and I came up with the idea and they were like, “go and make it,” and we were supported from the beginning. And I was nervous; it was personal. When I saw the movie I was like, “I love this character.” I’ve loved playing him, so it’s always with me, but I’ll miss it at times. But I feel like I’m part of that family—this movie in a way is a love letter to the fans. It’s who I speak to, if not every day, every other day of my life, because they never hold back. Ever. Ever. They tell me exactly how it is. Even after the first X-Men Origins: Wolverine they were like, “dude.” [laughs]

Lonstermash: You know, I found a lot of things to like about that movie, so—

Hugh Jackman: No, I know, but people are—people will pick, and I think one thing overall they’ve always said [was], “the berserker rage…we haven’t just seen the really—“

Lonstermash: Yeah, unleash the animal.

Hugh Jackman: Yeah. And I think we’ve just created a world where you see him realistically at that bottom, and what the weight of being Wolverine is that allows him to—

Lonstermash: You did it, I was very impressed.

Hugh Jackman: Thank you, man.

Lonstermash: I’ve been a huge fan of the X-Men since I was a young teenager in the early 80’s reading the comics, ten years later the cartoons, ten years after that the movies, and then when X-3 came out I started hearing that I kind of looked like you, which was funny because I was clean shaven, shorter hair. And I was like, “okay, maybe I’ll do this as a Halloween costume.” And It was a big hit.

Hugh Jackman: Nice.

Lonstermash: A few years later, by a very strange twist of fate I accidentally discovered the world of cosplay, and it’s just been a life changing event in a very positive way ever since, and I think to myself, my God what a boring life I would’ve had the last few years were it not for cosplay. And again, I owe this to you, and I know that you got the role by a strange twist of fate, too.

Hugh Jackman: Yeah.

Lonstermash: Which is unbelieveable, because I can’t imagine anybody else playing it now, but it was originally gonna go to somebody else.

Hugh Jackman: Dougray Scott.

Lonstermash: Dougray Scott, yeah. Do you ever sit back and think about that twist of fate, and how life might be different?

Hugh Jackman: Fully. I mean, it’s amazing to me, when you look back, and you think how [the] chain of events happened. There were three or four such random, nearly impossible things, for me to get that film. And what a lot of people don’t know, and I’ll tell you, is the reason I was in LA at the time when I went in for that meeting—nine months after my first audition—was that I was there to finalize the adoption of my son.

Lonstermash: Wow.

Hugh Jackman: So if I hadn’t have been there for that, this would never have happened. And I somehow believe there’s a destiny, there’s something, it’s just meant to be.

Lonstermash: When you hear something like that how can you not believe that?

Hugh Jackman: Right. That’s one of like five things.

Lonstermash: That’s such a beautiful story. God bless your son for that.

Hugh Jackman: I agree.

Lonstermash: Speaking of cosplay, I imagine you’ve seen a lot of us, dudes dressing up like you.

Hugh Jackman: Yes.

Lonstermash: How does that make you feel to see this?

Hugh Jackman: The first time I went to Comic Con, I’ll never forget it, because I was there for a movie called Van Helsing.

Lonstermash: Great movie, by the way.

Hugh Jackman: Thanks. And I was sitting up on the panel, it was a big thing. And all of a sudden I looked down and there are like eight guys exactly like you: jacked, ripped, Wolverine, shouting and yelling through the entire panel. And then every question was “tell me about Logan.” And I can just see all the creators of Van Helsing going, “really? Like, come on.” But I kinda loved it. One day I’m gonna go through Comic Con with a mask on my face and just sort of go for it, that’d be fun.

Lonstermash: Well there’s a rumor, I don’t know if it’s true or not. Supposedly you went to the one in 2013, which was my first one, dressed as Wolverine and people said, “No you’re too tall, you’re not him.” They didn’t believe it was you. Did that really happen?

Hugh Jackman: No, I joked that if I did people would be like, “dude, you’re way too tall.” Because people say to me like, “that’s not you, right? You’re way too tall.” In the first movie they made everyone taller than me. I was shorter than everyone except the kids. People were on platforms, I was in ditches, I never had my shoes on, I would bend my legs to be shorter than everybody. Gradually, they kind of let go of that, but—

Lonstermash: You’ve really redefined the look of the character, because as you know the character in the comics is like a foot shorter than you, and the fact that you’ve done more comic book movies than any other actor, you’re the only person to play Wolverine, how does this make you feel about your accomplishments?

Hugh Jackman: Really, really proud. I’m really proud of it, and I’m really grateful for it. I love this character, and to be really honest with you man this film feels the most personal. It’s a really daunting thing when you know you’re leaving, and you wanna leave in a way that feels definitive, and makes you feel at peace.

Lonstermash: And really make an impact.

Hugh Jackman: I wouldn’t have said it was my last one if I didn’t feel at peace. It’s not that I wanted it to be perfect, but I did want to feel at peace, like I’ve given everything I can give, and I’ve left it all there in the movie. And that’s what I feel, and that’s what I’m really proud of.

Lonstermash: Well that’s good, you can’t ask for more than that.

Hugh Jackman: True.

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