Foreplay for The Iron Fist


With his Netflix series starting in March, if you’re not familiar with the Marvel character Iron Fist, now is a good time to get to know him. Because, if the other Marvel Netflix series are any indication, the show should be good (if not, great). Did you see that trailer?!

It was a period of Civil War at Marvel Comics in the early 2000’s.  The company was putting out some of the best works they had in years…and some books that have yet to be matched. Brian Michael Bendis was well into his record long Avengers run, Matt Fraction was redefining Iron-Man, Ed Brubanker was taking Captain America to a level never thought possible and Mark Millar was pitting the heroes against the heroes in Civil War. As theses creators were bringing B-list characters into the spotlight and war was going on, many people were overlooking some of the smaller, arguably better books at Marvel. One of these books was The Immortal Iron Fist; undoubtedly a personal favorite run of all time.

For years, Iron Fist (alias: Danny Rand) was very much a product of his time. Danny came out of the 70’s kung-fu craze sporting a Bruce Lee meets disco costume. Despite his many adventures with Luke Cage as a Hero for Hire, Iron Fist didn’t quite endure in the years that followed. The Immortal Iron Fist fixed this problem and pushed him into the 21st century flawlessly, making him a character worthy of his own TV series.

The book was written by Ed Brubanker and Matt Fraction with David Aja on art. If this creative team sounds familiar to you it’s likely because it’s the same team that gave us the award winning hit Hawkeye in 2013 (minus Brrubanker). If you are a comics fan, those names alone should sell you on the book. While The Immortal Iron Fist has occasional quirky Hawkeye like moments, it has a much more serious tone with mystical elements. It is very much its own thing.

I won’t give away too much of the plot, but you will see Danny meet the previous Iron Fist, Orson Randall. Together they go up against foes such as Hydra and Danny’s arch nemesis The Steel Serpent; who has already been hinted at on Netflix . There are also great flash backs to Danny’s early life and years in training; as well as strong set-pieces from The Iron Fists from previous centuries. At the same time your knowledge of Danny’s relations to his street level buddies like Luke Cage, Coleen Wing and Misty Knight will be strengthened, while we wait for The Defenders to air on Netflix. It all comes together and shows just what it means to be an Iron Fist and the burdens it bears.

This redefined version of Danny is also currently in Power Man and Iron Fist. Danny will also be getting his own solo book in March, simply titled Iron Fist (coinciding with the release of the show). While Power Man and Iron Fist is a fun read, at the moment, no Iron Fist story is a better, more accessible and engaging read than The Immortal Iron Fist. If you still have questions or doubt about this character before the show, all will be fixed as you learn about his powers and origin as he does. I guarantee that it will hit you like an….


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