Star Wars Land Update: Disneyland- A New Hope

Yesterday, the date for Star Wars Land’s opening was released and the hype is real. Everyone is beyond excited, die hard fan or not. The sketch looks out of this world and right into the galaxy far, far away. We know Disney is developing new technology so that guests will really feel the Star Wars magic. They’re developing all new droids along with familiar faces to roam the park and interact with the guests. Along with that, they’ve developed the new Stormtrooper armor to have a built in computer system so that when two troopers come to a meeting, they immediately engage in conversation. Exciting isn’t it?

Along with all these reports, all of us expect quite a bit from Disney. I mean it’s Star Wars. What I really hope to see is a jaw dropping Jedi Temple, Jabba’s Palace (twi’lek dancers, wretched bounty hunters, and aliens from systems all around the galaxy, tables with holographic holo chess, dejarik, sabacc, pazaak?), Pod racing, Naboo palace with Otoh Gunga underneath, Dex’s Diner, The Cantina, Corellian Freighters (with loose Rathtars of course), Utapau rockclimbing (hopefully Order 66 wont start while you’re climbing), and of course, a completely decked out Star Wars parade! As the park construction continues, the more we hope for. I hope Disney puts equal amount of effort as Universal did when it came to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. We want tons of detail and we want it now!

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