Cosplay Profile On Aza Miyuko: D.Va Cosplayer from Overwatch

Overwatch is Blizzard’s latest installment and taking the gaming world by storm (no pun intended), and it’s seeing huge success in the video game market and the cosplay scene. Because of this there’s a slew of cosplayers out there making some really epic Overwatch cosplay. One of the best we’ve see so far is the cosplay of the character D.Va. This version of D.Va is being cosplayed by Aza Miyuko, who is a part of the cosplay team: 2 AO.

You can follow the Aza Miyuko on her official Facebook Fan Page.

Credit: Team 2 AO | Model: Aza Miyuko | Photographer: 2AO Design | Costume designer: 2AO Work Shop | Editor : White Specs Photography / Kumakid Cos-Shop

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