Comic Rewind: The Woods Vol. 2

The Woods Vol. 2 picks up right where the previous volume left off.  The students venture deeper into the wood in order to unravel its mystery.

SPOILERS for the previous volume are below.  If you don’t want it spoilered for you then don’t read the next two paragraphs.

Volume 1 ended with the group of students in the woods discovering they are not alone.  Their group gets captured by men in cloaks which look to be dressed in old style clothing perhaps from the middle ages.

The reader has been given clues that other people have been to this place.  There is a Mayan pyramid and writing on the walls which are written in Russian, Spanish and other languages.  However, this is the first time people were actually seen.

This volume of The Woods has the same creative time as the previous volume.  James Tynion IV writing and Michael Dialynas providing the art.  BOOM! Studios published the volume in 2015.

A big part of the volume is background stories for the core characters.  It was about half background story and half forward progression.  Flashbacks can sometimes take away from the story and being really boring.  However, they added to the story in this case.  It really to explain the characters and their motivations.

I failed to praise Dialynas’ art in my previous review.  His art is like a black light poster in comic book form.  If Spencer’s Gifts ever wanted to write a story about their shop then they need this guy.  However, I say this in the best way.  I loved the art and I have never seen art quite like this.  It makes me want to look into what other comics he has done.

The first two volumes of the comic have been a real slow burn.  There is no fast paced action or any real fight scenes, but this is not a superhero book so it can be slower.  The pace is perfect for this kind of story however.  It draws the reader in and gets you hooked.

Black light poster art in full effect

Mystery is a huge aspect of the story and just when I have it figured out it throws a curveball.  I have read two volumes of the comic, but I still have no idea what is going on or why.  However, I am determined to find out.

This comic really flew under the radar for me.  No one was talking about this comic, but it was on sale and sounded like an interesting story so I bought it.  With two volumes done I can’t wait to read the remaining volumes.  Hopefully it stays entertaining and doesn’t go downhill, but sometimes a long running series has a hard time staying at the same level.

I would be very surprised if this doesn’t become a show down the line.  It is perfect for a teen audience and would be a perfect pairing with Stranger Things.

A similar feeling comic about teenage adventure to pair with this one is Marvel’s Runaways by Brian K. Vaughan.  Six friends find out their parents are secretly super-villains.  An added bonus is Runaways is being made into a Hulu series.

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